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As owners of Visible Graphics, we have been in the sign industry for over 30 years. It is our greatest passion to have the opportunity to serve companies that have a commitment to their brand, to excellence and to success.

Visible Graphics is a national provider of signage for the retail, restaurant, hospitality, financial and construction industry.

Recognizing that it is the greatest need of our customers to be able to expect delivery at their convenience on top of high quality at an affordable price, is the basis for our service promise to you.

As all projects, large or small, will one day near completion depending on a few vendors to complete their work for a location to open, it is dependability of delivery that is of the greatest value.

Don't trust any company that has ever had an excuse. Let Visible Graphics over-deliver, over-perform and exceed your every expectation.

- Ken & Janine Kendall
Janine Kendall

Ken Kendall

C.F.O. / C.O.O.
Manny Rodriguez

VP of Operations
Dave Mahn

Senior Account Manager
Christina Garcia

Senior Account Manager
Daisy Phan

Senior Project Manager
Corrina Moreno

Senior Project Manager
Cris Zamorano

Permit Expeditor
Janina Zamorano

G.C. Dept. Supervisor / Wholesale Manager
Araceli Nieves

Lead Project Coordinator
Mira Cabrera

Project Coordinator
Conrad Spargur

Project Coordinator
Hugo De Leon

Production Technician
Jorge Prado

Production Technician
Nelly Valencia

Production Assistant
Christine Torres

Accounting Assistant
David Sindha

Graphics Technician Lead
Abel Garcia Barajas

Production Technician
Aj Yongpairojwong

Graphics Technician
Eduardo Cardoso

Production Technician
Juan Flores

Production Technician
Jessie Flores


Joseph Garcia

Production Technician

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